Terri Dempsey-Ceh - da WHO woman

Professional Development Adviser may not be a title that sits well with creative Terri Dempsey-Ceh. However with such a diverse back ground, growing up with a Father who was and still to this day is an innovative and World renowned (hand shaping) surfboard designer and surfing coach, Terri was raised in an environment that fostered a passion for creative professional development and growth both of people and products.
The flame of this passion for the creative arts was further infused with a chance meeting of now husband Dan Ceh. Terri learnt firsthand music management skills in her early working life in the grassroots local music scene. Experiencing the constant rollercoaster that is band life and the rigors of determination and perseverance required to develop a musical act into a professional/viable business, saw Terri become tenacious in creating the best pathway possible for creative local musicians.
After many years in the local music scene, a sabbatical was in order with Terri setting her sights on a creative world of a different kind – a clothing boutique that helped develop and support local and emerging fashion designers. In just six short months, this initiative and forward thinking idea saw Terri open not just one but two boutiques, one of which saw the incorporation of a coffee bar and a scooter garage. 
Coupling this with the constant involvement supporting the local emerging fashion industry at charity events, fashion parades, GC fashion week and many more local events saw a constant trickle of media support from fashion publications, local news and radio. This in turn grew Terri’s fashion business while fostering the opportunity to continue supporting local designers with the development and growth of their own stores and products. This development and growth outlet allowed designers to become professionals and even allowed one designer to showcase at Australia’s premier fashion event, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
With a healthy addiction to marketing and professional development, the yearning to return to the music business was too great to resist and hence WHO Agencies was created! A boutique music management, marketing and consulting business which has seen Terri work on projects such as 
  • Studio 56 live at Miami Marketta Booker/Promoter 
  • Venue Booking the Arts Centre Gold Coast – The Basement
  • Venue Booking The Loft • Event Booking Elsewhere (for Sky Parlour)
  • Creation of Promotion Company Sky Parlour
  • Event Booking for Gold Coast City Council (Markets, GC Show, Fairs etc)
  • Event Booking and Promotion of All Age Music events.
  • Board Member Gold Coast Music Industry Assoc (GCMIA) – Eight (8) years
  • Development of the GCMIA’s – Hidden Treasures Industry Guide – (A self help guide to all that is musically creative or associated on the Gold Coast. This was distributed Nationally and Internationally to culturally expand the music community on the Gold Coast and in turn create opportunities for participating artists.
  • Development, creation and day to day running of GCMIA’s Avalon Room. A rehearsal specific space that allowed musicians the freedom to rehearse in an acoustically treated practice room whilst also offering the ability to utilise the meeting/office space to undertake the requirements of band administration.
  • Creation and Organisation of GCMIA Events and Showcases at Australia’s Premier Music Conference – Big Sound.
  • Tour Creation and extensive national venue booking experience for artists being managed or mentored by WHO Agencies
  • Currently Full Management Services for The Ruins, Aquila Young and Th’Fika
  • Aus/NZ management for Ella Fence
Whether in the surfing world, the fashion industry or the music industry, Terri Dempsey-Ceh has the experience, planning know-how, devoted passion and eagerness to see creative people and their creative passions develop, grow and evolve into what they deserve to be.